„GIBERTINI, not only balances..“ – but especially balances..

Reprensenting GIBERTINI since three years on the German market and so far solely focused on their enology product range, I sold this year my fourth balance: One laboratory balance CENT to a Whisky Maker in Saxonia, two industrial platform balances PTF-C to a family owned brewery in Bavaria, and recently one analytical ETERNITY balance to a Winemaker.

How could this have happened, against the so overwhelming market force of so many other, even German balance manufacturers?

Was it because of the –compared to others- better accuracy and the better within-measuring-range-accuracy, the linearity? The provingly higher robustness? A product conception based on durability & long life use, inclusive long term availability for spares? The positive image of a North-Italian family Company in third generation, supplying products really made in the EU? All this for a reasonable price?

Let´s work out together YOUR advantage applying GIBERTINI balances.

I´m looking forward to your inquiry!