“The brewer makes the wort, the yeast makes the beer”….

..but the fermentation is slow or stagnant? The foam values are no longer so good? The beer “tastes somehow different”?  “Yes, we should have a look at the yeast”… but no time and nerves for a conventional cell count determination, and expensive equipment is anyhow out of the question?

Then let OCULYZE‘s AI count!

This is how it works:

  1. dilute sample and stain with methylene violet
  2. fill sample material into the slide
  3. place the slide under the handheld microscope
  4. shoot five different pictures into the OCULYZE-Cloud
  5. cell count, viability rate and number of budded result are available on the cell phone within one minute

Further features are automatic pitch rate calculation and graphical display of fermentation  course,

Your advantages:

– User-independent secure, validated and well introduced method

– AI counts more accurately, 10 x faster result compared to conventional counting

– Low cost, OCULYZE is explicitly also aimed at the “smaller” quality-oriented brewer….

If you order through me, there is a discount on the hardware!

Interested? Please contact me!