“Tell me, don’t you have a can seamer too…”

… I was asked last Summer by a large Hungarian Energy drink manufacturer and a good customer of mine. This fills energy and soft drinks in 250, 330 and 500 ml cans. Recently the filling of milk coffee beverages has been added. The majority of the cans to be filled come from the company’s own can factory; the can seamer was requested for the pilot plant in their test center.

After some research, my choice felt on a traditional Spanish manufacturer with Norwegian roots, SOMME. The market leader for non-centric, fully automatic can seamer, e.g. for the canned fish industry, also has an easy-to-use and robust manual seamer for round cans in its product range, the Manual Can Seamer S-1. It is available in a lacquered metal or as stainless steel version. Another option is the speed control for packing lumpy products. In addition to being apllied in test centers, the S-1 is also suitable for small series production in terms of technology and price.

After the S-1 was delivered on time, it only took a short period of optimization to achieve good results. The online support from the SOMME product specialists was exemplary.

Do you have any need for testing or packaging technology for your cans? Talk to me, I look forward to your request!