Torque measurement is not equal to torque measurement…

Even with regard to this -actually trivial- measuring technique, there are differences in the respective manufacturers’ designs that are relevant to the quality of the measuring results.

All AT2E torque testers are equipped with a special mechanical system that eliminates most non-coaxial and top-load influences on the measurement. Innovation in the TMV7 is also the operator menu, here 10 operators can be stored.

This ensures the maximum possible repeatability and comparability of measured values for a manual measuring device!

The 7″ touch screen and access menus make the TMV7 easy and convenient to use. Likewise, product information such as the batch number could be entered. The color screen displays torque, threshold, operator and product information.

Measurement results can be transferred to the CFR21-Part 11 compatible software QualiTorque for further data analysis and management.

A special “delicacy”: Opening torques for loosening and seal breakage are realized in one measurement and in one protocol!

Further technical data..

– Measurement in opening and closing direction
– Measuring range: 00.00 to 99.00
– 0.030 to 4,000 in high accuracy mode
– Accuracy: 0.2 % of full scale value
– 3 measuring modes (average, peak, peak+info)
– Torque units: / Inch.lbs / / N.m / /
– 30 product memories with 4 limit values each
– 4 thresholds per product (V Low, Low, High, V High)
– 8 coded access levels for operator, super operator & admin
– Storage of up to 990 measurements
– Display of the torque value as a bar graph
– Dynamic display: statistics, hour, date…
– Display: Product name, operator, batch no., line no.
– Display of the last result

Extensive accessories such as alternative container holders, USB printer and calibration devices complete the
measuring system.

AT2E: Innovation in torque measurement since 1989!