New year – new density measurement from Gibertini!

The year starts with a new density and alcohol measurement for the wine and spirits sector, the MIA2020. It is the successor model of the successful DENSIALCOMAT series. MIA2020 features simplified operation and a larger display. A large LED graphic display shows the calculated alcohol concentration simultaneously with the temperature, density at 20 °C and other parameters.

Measuring range: Density (D20/20) 0.5 – 2.25 g/cm3 or alcohol 0.05 – 99.98 VOL%.

Accuracy: Density (D20/20) ± 0.00002 g/cm3 or alcohol ±0.01 VOL%, or better.

MIA2020 is also available in the BASIC version, here the accuracy is +/- 0.0001 g/cm3 or +/- 0.1 VOL%.

The measurement is – as usual – robust, the analysis time is only 6 seconds. MIA is approved by the OIV.